Some loved Marie Kondo's newish, home organizing show, Tidying up with Marie Kondo. They found it calming and inspiring. Some even claimed...

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I’m your friendly, neighborhood professional organizer. I enact change in people’s homes and lives. I clear and organize spaces to create beauty and order. I take on tasks and errands to open spaciousness and time in people’s days. This work comes naturally to me. And as much as I’m willing to get down and dirty digging in some hardcore clutter, my approach is about the art of creating permanent beauty, functionality, and harmony in the spaces and schedules I transform.


Getting ordered is a process that burgeons from the inside out. While working with my clients, I help them define what’s happening for them on the inside to understand their internal needs and habits. I learn their hang-ups and desires. And then I teach that all back to them so that they can gain a better understanding of themselves. Then they have the tools to manage and re-create what we do together.  Organize a person and they will stay organized for a week. Teach one to organize oneself and they will stay organized for a lifetime. You are not alone. I’m here to help.

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