Time and space are intricately interwoven.

When time is compromised, we don't deal with things. As things build up, they clutter our spaces, they limit our range of motion, they slow us down, causing inefficiency and stress, which compromises our time.

You are not alone.

Everyone thinks their mess is the worst, their schedule is the fullest & their mind is the most burdened. But being overwhelmed is embedded in our culture. We're trained to acquire, consume, and fill all our empty spaces.

Things and tasks accumulate. Most of us are simply too busy dealing with them to keep up with them. .

We're all overwhelmed

What is Clutter?

Clutter is stuff that has no purpose. Or worse, stuff that hinders purpose.

Here's the thing about things - they serve countless purposes.

I help you decide if the purposes that your things serve are worth the spaces they occupy. 

You're in charge.

What you let go of is entirely up to you.

Ultimately you decide the purpose of the things that are contained in your spaces. I support you in making those decisions.

I help you do that math.

By asking questions that are pertinent to your life and that resonate with how you relate to your things, I work with you to decide exactly what you want and need to keep in your spaces. I am here to help you figure out how your things serve you in your life space.

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