What do we all want the most?

More rest, more money, health, peace, creativity, joy?

More time. Less Stress?

Whatever it is that we all hope to have in our lives, we need to open our time and clear some space to make room for it.

You are not alone.

We think our mess is the worst, our schedules are the fullest, our minds are the most burdened.This is embedded in our culture.

We're trained to acquire, consume, and to fill all the emptiness.

We are all overwhelmed.

Time and space are intricately interwoven.

When our time is compromised, we don't deal with our things. As our things build up around us, they clutter our spaces, they limit our range of motion, they slow us down, causing inefficiency and stress, which then compromises our time.

Learn how you Function.

I help you see and learn about your habits. And then help you design systems that around them.

Understanding yourself in relationship to your things is the best way to keep lasting order in your life.

Change your world.

I work with you to discern between clutter and keep. We unearth everything and put it into categories.

As we work we consider three things: what serves you & what to do with what doesn't serve.

The Process:

In order to create permanent change we must regard the whole picture, leaving nothing unseen. 

We take everything out. We look at it and we decide what goes away and what stays. 

If it’s trash, we dispose of it. If it’s recycling, we decide how and where to recycle it. If it’s to be sold, I help with all aspects of selling, from pricing to listing, to yard sales or finding auctioneers. If it's obligations, I help you delegate them.

If there are donations, I take them where you want them to go at no extra cost.Once this is done we put back what you have thoughtfully decided to keep. 

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