You may need one or all parts of this process & we can do as much or as little as you need.

We come to you for a free one-hour consultation or we connect remotely.

And then we devise a plan.

Let's Talk!



We get a good look at what you have and what you'd like to change. It starts with the consultation. Then I help you make a plan. We decide what you need and how to go about it. There are several methods we can explore. Planning together in person. I can help you plan remotely or you can do this on your own with the methods

described in the DIY series of my blog 



We take everything apart. We open all the drawers, dig into the cabinets, or we dump all your obligations into a list and. we assess it. As we look, we sort. Though this stage can be the most time consuming, it's most important. In order to truly move forward, we must regard the whole picture, leaving nothing unseen.


Sorting and categorizing.

We put things in categorie. Examples of categories may be: keep tucked away, put in storage, sell, give away, throw away. Or, immediate, do weekly, do before the end of the month, hire someone else to do, have Jess do. Once things are categorized, we can see how many or much you have of the things or the tasks. By seeing your things together, we can begin to understand how to tackle them.



We take away things that don't serve. I take all the recycling and donations. Jessica helps you sell anything and she finds solutions for overwhelmed schedules. Jessica runs errands and Ian, our handyman, fixes all the broken things.

Then, once it's all cleared we can create a plan for what remains.



The most fun! We put back what we have left into easy, ordered, and beautiful systems based on how you work and how you function. We buy or build all the necessary furniture, shelves, baskets, or bins. We arrange or rearrange & design or redesign the rooms we've cleared. We schedule those classes you've always wanted to take, or those tasks you've been putting off. You can finally have that dinner party, or start that business, or just put your feet up chill out because all that's left are things that fit into your life

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