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Here is how I'd like to offer my help.

I'd love the opportunity to learn how Infinite Space can help you remotely.

And I thank you all who are willing to explore our strange new world together. 

I'm so grateful for you. 

During the COVID-19 days, I will not require money for remote services. Trades are always possible and donations are always accepted, but all I ask is that you offer generosity and kindness out to others.

I can help in many ways.

I can guide you from afar through all your projects and needs -

I'm happy to answer one-time questions or ongoing one-time questions. Have regular check-in's. And even schedule Facetime or Zoom "sessions" where you work while I guide you and keep you company from your screen.

Some Specific Ways I Can Help:

I can consult with you on any upcoming or already on going project.

I can help you even figure out what a project might even be.

I can help sort out where to start. Then I help you figure out where to start on the next.

I can help you figure out how to set up your projects so that your donations are tucked away ready to be sold or picked up - by friends, by us, or by donation centers when they start going again. 

I can coach you on how to make decisions about letting go - either in emails with pictures or in video sessions.

I can learn about what your needs are in your space and help you set up systems and "stations" for what you've always done there and for the new things you're doing while you're stuck there.

I can coach you on buying things, measuring them, hanging them, assembling, and installing them. 

I can generate digital designs and move your furniture around them in it to help figure out space arrangement or where to put new things.

I'm happy to help.

This is a real offer. Please don't hesitate to reach out. 

Contact for more info or just to chat.

Let's see if we can come up with by phone or what's app, instagram,  email, or perhaps carrier pigeon.

However works best!