"I had an opportunity to work with Jess on a room in my apartment today.
She is fabulous. I feel like it's helped me release a ton of stress.
It's amazing what a well organized space can do for the soul." - Facebook Review 

Jessica feels like part of the family.  She's warm, open and non-judgmental.  Above all else she's professional.  We are a family of 5 humans and 3 fur children, she takes all the mess in stride.  She asks politely if you need something and doesn't give that sideways glance when you say yes.  The only thing I would do differently is not stop in the middle of the process.  I feel in the couple of months she's not come to our house we've stepped into our old ways (which never worked) all because we didn't get to the "system" phase of our transformation.

Cindy - Google

I hired Jessica for 8hrs to help with a move overseas and it was worth every penny!! We did 3 sessions together and each time we accomplished much more than I had planned on. She is a huge help and great at giving directions and support in a non-judgemental way. I felt completely comfortable with her and left each session feeling relieved, inspired, motivated, and in control. In the end we whittled my life down to 7 suitcases and I am ecstatic and ready to focus on the adventure ahead, I would highly recommend her services. Thanks or all your help Jessica!

Erin - Facebook

Organizing is impossible for me. Jessica is amazing! Her calm, non judgmental process helped me purge and look at my house in a whole new way. She’s not just an organizer of physical space, she facilitates declutter of the mind as well. 

Rachel - Facebook

Amazing! Jessica changed my life. She informed me that I was not 'Hoarder' -Though, truthfully I certainly felt I was. I hit a wall in my disorganization last summer and try as I might could not get on top of it. I have lived in my house for over 18 years and things really started to come apart. She is patient and kind and never once did I feel my interests were not being respected. She was flexible with how to schedule her services around my needs and offered any solution to complete my job. I searched other organizers but found her warmth and sincerity to be just what I needed to tackle the challenge. I highly recommend her to anyone in similar circumstances.

Bora B. - Thumbtack

Jessica is amazing! She turned our junk room (our craft room/music room/man cave that had turned feral due to hoarding tendencies) into a beautiful and functional space. She helped us get rid of unneeded things with kindness and patience and also designed a layout that was effective and lovely. We are moving apartments this month and I am looking forward to working with her again.

 Helen - Facebook

So I might be a hoarder. Ok, I am. Not only did Jessica not judge me. She got me out from under my piles to help me stage my house for sale. Her eye for detail and attention to detail is amazing - 

Rachel F. - Google

I’ve used Jessica's services twice now - once to help me unpack and organize contents after a move and once to unpack and organize a large bookcase plus declutter and reorganize a room. In both instances I was more than satisfied with the results. She is efficient, handy with tools (she even installed shelves), has a good eye for the aesthetics of a room and didn't balk at lifting some pretty heavy boxes of books. The first unpacking project took four multi-hour sessions, which she had very accurately estimated. For the second project, I had only asked her to help me unpack and organize books in a large floor to ceiling bookcase but after that was completed, she reconfigured the entire room to make it much more functional, spacious, and attractive. I was amazed and got many compliments from family and friends on the results. And she completed this little side project within the time frame I estimated it should take just to handle the bookcase work. Finally, for parts of these projects we worked side by side, which was enjoyable since she is funny and engaging and just a pleasure to work with. I never imagined I would enjoy doing this kind of work but even apart from the great satisfaction of completing these projects, Jess made the work seem fun and creative. I wouldn't hesitate to hire her again for any organizational projects I have in the future.

Susan - Thumbtack

My office/entryway had become a project beyond my rational mind to tackle. Stacks of papers, boxes of more papers, piles of photos, piles of mittens and coats glared at me like monsters. Get the picture. I was paralyzed! Jess came in and one stack at a time things went to burn pile, trash, recycling, or were filed in a way I could actually cope with. I could not have done it without her. What a wonderful feeling to be able to walk through a space with a sense of peace and order.

​Judith - Thumbtack

I have worked with Infinite Space over the past year to create systems throughout my home (and car) to create a functional flow of life and stuff and minimize chaos and overwhelm. It’s been great.  Jess’ brilliance is two-fold. First, she’s so chill that it’s easy to underestimate her and what she’s doing. Jess doesn’t do the work for you; she accepts you where you are, observes your patterns, makes some suggestions, and then gives the work back to you...so that you co-create and really own a system that will work for you. Second, Jess works with your patterns, instead of encouraging you to work against them. She is not a one-size-fits-all organizer. As a long-time writer, Jess is a naturally curious and astute observer, and uses this to her advantage. She often noticed where things would naturally accumulate in our home and then we’d discuss why that made sense and how to work with it. No blame, shame, or guilt here.

As a result of working with Jess, I’m much more mindful and aware of my patterns of what I do with stuff and why. I’m thrilled with some of the systems we’ve created, but more than that—I’m confident I can continue to maintain and tweak them. I look forward to working with Infinite Space on additional projects as the need arises—my basement is not going to get itself in order, I fear...

Ainsley - Google

Jessica was AMAZING with what she did in my home. She took a messy, cluttered beautifully finished basement that was being wasted and made it into a lovely living space. I would highly recommend her. 

Allison - Thumbtack

I am a mess. No, scratch that, I WAS a mess. Jess was able to come in and help me, in a gentle way, get rid of clutter that wasn't serving me and even rearrange furniture to maximize my space. I can't recommend highly enough. 

Rachel S.  -  Thumbtack

I had an opportunity to work with Jess on a room in my apartment today. She is fabulous and the room she helped with looked great when she left. I feel like it's helped me release a ton of stress. It's amazing what a well organized space can do for the soul!

Kaitlyn · Facebook

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