Understanding yourself in relationship to your stuff and your schedule creates a permanent shift...

It can be difficult to find perspective. I help you find a view of your situation from the outside in. That perspective is the key to functionality and permanence. 

Getting ordered is a process that burgeons from the inside out.

While working with my clients, I help them define what’s happening for them on the inside to understand their internal needs and habits. I learn their hang-ups and desires. And then I teach it back to them so that they can gain an understanding of their daily life-flow. Then we clear and build systems in service to that flow.

Then they have the tools to manage and re-create what we do together. 


You may need some parts. You may need all the parts. We can do it together, or you by yourself with my coaching, or I can even work without out you in unique circumstances.



This is the easiest part. At no cost or obligation to you, we spend an hour of our time consulting with you about what is happening in your home and life that we can help with. We can (safely) come to your home, consult over email, or telephone. In that time we get a clear picture of the scope of the project, time, and potential costs. Then we come up with a game plan to get your organized that honors your schedule, space, and financial needs



We start by regarding the whole picture, leaving nothing unseen. In regular sessions we take everything out. We look at it and we decide what goes away and what stays. If it’s trash, we dispose of it. If it’s recycling, we decide how and where to recycle it. If it’s to be sold, I help with all aspects of selling, from pricing to listing, to yard sales or finding auctioneers. If it's obligations, I help you delegate them. I take donations away at no extra cost. In this phase we clear away everything that doesn't serve you in your spaces and schedules.



Through conversation, while we clear or via email, phone, or in-home interview, I learn about how your life flows. I make outside observations that can be hard to see from your perspective. Through those observations, I create, install, build and set up systems that are custom designed to meet all of your needs and that flow easily with your life. In this process you gain an order, functionality a new self-perspective, and the skills to stay organized for life.

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